Frequently Asked Questions

When do I get my photos?
The next day. We understand the fast-paced nature of the real estate market. We're committed to helping you showcase your listings in the best light possible. With our quick AI-driven custom processing system, all clients can expect to receive their professionally captured listing photos by 5 p.m. the next day.
For expedited results, choose the delivery that suits your needs and timeline. Opt for Same Day Delivery at just $50 to get your photos lightning fast. Or, if you prefer an early start, our Next Day 8 a.m. Delivery is available for $20. Are you looking for a cost-effective option? Our Next Day Noon Delivery is yours for just $10.
How do I pay for my photos?
Pay after you receive your photos. We make the process smoother for you – now you can settle your payment hassle-free. Whether you prefer the ease of a credit card, the simplicity of debit, or the traditional method of a check, the choice is yours.
How to get to photos?
Your convenience is our priority, so we're excited to offer two hassle-free options for photo delivery. Upon completion, you'll receive an email containing a personalized link – granting you the choice to download your photos individually as high-quality JPGs or opt for the efficiency of a single zip file containing all images, primed for immediate MLS import. Additionally, at anytime you can log in to your personalized agent dashboard to download photos.
Ordering online
Yes, you can easily order online. Your order is confirmed only after receiving our official confirmation emails. First, you'll receive an email confirming the scheduled shoot, ensuring your convenience. Subsequently, expect follow-up emails the night before, reconfirming essential details, including photographer assignment, time, and location. We believe in the power of clear communication to ensure seamless experiences.
Photo adjustments
We're committed to ensuring your satisfaction and making your listing shine. We understand the importance of presenting your property in its best light, Each photo shoot receives up to 10 photo adjustments and a small fee is applied for each additional photo. With Insight Photos, you can fine-tune your listing photos.
Property Virtual Tours?
Yes, we provide branded and unbranded virtual tours. As part of our commitment to showcasing your property in the best light, we also offer a complimentary bonus: a captivating virtual tour that allows potential buyers to explore every corner of your property from the comfort of their screens. After you enter your listing into the MLS, go into your Insight Photos account and enter the MLS number into the shoot. You will be provided with links to the virtual tours.
Cell phones
Yes. Whether it's a breathtaking sunset, an updated yard, or perfectly staged interiors, we empower you to add that personalized touch. Enhance your listing's charm with our real estate photography services, now featuring the option to seamlessly integrate up to 3 personal cell phone photos free of charge with every shoot. Our team will process them using the latest AI-driven technologies, making the photo MLS-ready.. If you have more cell phone photos, we offer a "Do It Yourself" package for 30 photos at $95.
Sunset photos
We time our twilight shoots precisely to the sunset at the specific time of year of the shoot. We ensure your property is bathed in the most captivating natural light, creating breathtaking visuals that leave a lasting impression. We stay approximately 20 minutes after sunset to capture every twilight moment. We will arrive about one hour before sunset to capture the exterior and interior photos if you also get daytime photos.
Aerial / Drone - FAA approval needed
Yes, we shoot aerial video/photos. Our commitment to quality includes capturing captivating aerial video/photos that elevate your listings. However, please note that for aerial photography, FAA approval is essential. This approval guarantees safety and provides us with valuable insights into the airspace over the property – guiding us on optimal altitude and permissions. Your safety and satisfaction are paramount, and we're dedicated to adhering to FAA regulations to deliver stunning aerial perspectives.
Matterport Hosting - Six months Free
To ensure you have ample time to showcase your listing's finest features, we're thrilled to offer six months of complimentary Matterport hosting. Immerse your potential buyers with virtual walkthroughs that leave a lasting impression. When you're ready to extend the journey, our convenient pricing of just $35 grants you an additional year of Matterport hosting.
How do I get my videos?
Our commitment to versatility ensures your property is showcased seamlessly across all media platforms. Enjoy our three dynamic delivery options:
  • For personalized impact, a branded YouTube link featuring your contact information, including name, license, phone, and brokerage.
  • An unbranded Vimeo link tailored for MLS compatibility.
  • An MP4 file that's ready to download and share on your preferred social media channels.
Insight Photos, Inc. owns the copyright on all photos delivered to you, but we provide you the exclusive and unrestricted permission to use, share, and modify the images forever. We can provide you with the CAR Property Images Agreement signed upon request.
Yes, we provide free flyer templates. We go the extra mile by not only delivering stunning visuals, but also providing you with complimentary flyer templates, thoughtfully populated with all the essential details of your listing. Elevate your marketing game effortlessly with our comprehensive package, designed to make your property shine in every way possible.